Payment Acceptance Training

Our Payment Acceptance training programme looks to build and develop internal knowledge to help users understand, triage and improve payment-related processes, and to implement and lead an institution’s payment acceptance-related strategic activity. 

Payment Acceptance Foundation

Learn more about the processes involved in taking payments and get up to speed on the latest sector-specific payment trends, drawn from our own proprietary research. This training is interactive and focused on helping you understand these topics in the context of your own organisation’s payment acceptance processes.



Payment Acceptance Practitioner

Learn more about the benefits of having a payment acceptance strategy and the things to consider when developing one. Understanding and finding a balance between the conflicting drivers of external cost, efficiency and payer experience is crucial when choosing the most appropriate payment methods to meet the needs of your payers and the organisation.



Payment Security Training

Our Payment Security training programme provides institutions with the key building blocks to ensure management-level understanding and buy-in to payment security-related activities. Attending this training will build users' knowledge to make them more confident in implementing and managing an institution-wide payment security management programme.

Payment Security Foundation

Learn about the key payment security activities that your organisation must undertake. This training includes an overview of payment security and PCI DSS requirements (including DPA/GDPR), and also covers the development and dissemination of Information Security policies, annual risk assessments, incident response planning/testing and cardholder data discovery.

Aimed at those individuals who are in management roles (ranging from Director level to team leaders) who are leading or implementing your institutions Payment Security Management Program - where an understanding of 'payment security' in a broader context, as well as the key requirements, is important to allow them to ensure their organisation takes the appropriate steps to address payment security.



Payment Security Practitioner

Building on the Payment Security Foundation course, this training explores areas relevant to the needs of the sector in more detail to help attendees implement more effective approaches to managing payment security and PCI DSS compliance.

Aimed at individuals who have responsibility for managing payment security in your organisation, as well as IT staff or internal auditors who will have an involvement in implementing/maintaining controls or auditing for PCI DSS compliance.



Payment Security Internal Auditor

Learn how to systematically and independently develop and maintain an effective payment security audit programme. You will develop the knowledge to perform payment security audits and ensure effective payment risk management  internally.

Aimed at team members who have an auditing background and intended for individuals who already possess significant relevant technical and security audit and assessment experience. ISA qualification is not needed to attend this training.

This training course is offered only as part of the Payment Security Management System Solution.

Payment Security Masterclass

Provided as part of our PSMS Implementation Programme this masterclass aims to provide an overview of payment security management for key stakeholders.

This training course is offered only as part of the Payment Security Management System Solution.

Attendee Testimonials

“Relevant and beneficial to anyone who is involved in any part of the payment process in your institution.”

“Thorough, intelligible, well collated Payment Security Foundation training.”

“Excellent training for the intended audience.”

“A great eye-opener to what payment security is all about.”

“Very comprehensive, high quality slides, relevant content, excellent delivery.”

“It's the best one-day PCI DSS course I have been on and it would be of benefit to everyone.”

“Gives an excellent understanding of payment acceptance and the drivers and more importantly what to do to improve it with my organisation."

"Comprehensive, relevant and very enlightening to new ideas and areas of potential application."

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